Integrated Circuit Design Links

Sites with SPICE Models

Analog Devices
Apex Microtechnology
Harris Semiconductor
International Rectifier
Linear Technology
Motorola Semiconductor Products
National Semiconductor
Philips Semiconductors
Texas Instruments
EDN Magazine
SPICE Models from Symmetry
Duncan's Amp Pages
Intusoft Free SPICE Models
MOSIS IC Design Models
Analog & RF Models

SPICE and Circuit Simulation Information Sites

Berkeley Spice

BSIM3 Home Page
Software Catalog, Ordering Forms and Instructions
FTP directory -pub-Spice3
BSIM 3V3 L8 Documents (pdf format)
SIP - The Spice Internet Package, run SPICE interactively from the website
NCSU SPICE Benchmarks
NASA Virtual Library-Electrical Engineering
NIST Modeling Validation Group
EDTN Home Page
Siemens Home Page
Temic (Siliconix)
Artwork Conversion
MOSIS IC Foundry
SPICE Simulations

Engineering Magazines with SPICE Articles

EDN Home Page
Personal Engineering & Instrumentation
Electronic Design
RF Design
PCIM Home Page

SPICE Compatible EDA Vendor Sites

Cadence Design Professional stuff for people making their living with IC design, >100k$.Only good with a fast UNIX workstation. SpectreRF is capable of some limited non-linear block simulation.
Mentor Graphics Professional stuff for people making their living with IC design, >100k$. Like Cadence, only good with the most expensive workstation, since the software is sometimes more expensive than the designer using it. Moreover,  Mentor is not so suitable for the Analog/RF IC designer.
Tanner Research (>10k$) Tspice and other tools (L-edit) for the IC designer.
SIMetrix -Newbury Technology- a 500$ Analog Spice simulator with schematic entry. It also features a full BASIC-like scripting language allowing the automation of multiple simulations and customized analysis of simulation results.
MyCAD  MySpice, a ??k $ plain vanilla "analog mode" mode Spice.
Intusoft ICAP/4,  a 2~4k $ mixed mode simulator with schematic entry.
OrCAD/Microsim Pspice, a multi k$ mixed mode simulator with schematic entry and PCB layout. Version 9 schematic entry (OrCAD) is a big step back.
Penzar Development Topspice (a 500$ excellent mixed mode simulator, smith-chart plotting is included !)
Electronics Workbench Multisim  a 700~3k $ mixed mode simulator with a 700$ RF module for linear RF goodies like Smirth Charts with gain circles etc.
RF Design Tools

Spur Chart Calculator: Useful for defining the specifications of RF filters.
Cascaded Block Analysis: Good tool for analyzing a cascade of blocks. Only runs on UNIX
ANADIGICS Receiver Model Tool: A demonstration tool for receiver block analysis. Adding or deleting blocks is not possible.
Spectrum Allocation Chart: At first glance it looks like a great chart, but it really doesn't give you much needed information.

RF Design Tools EDA vendor sites

Hewlett Packard HP-ADS Market leader. Excellent multi multi k$ RF simulator. Good for the system designer or the designer making PCB boards with soldered components. clumsy for the IC designer.
APLAC  Excellent University simulator from finland. Block level and schematic level are not fully integrated. Now commercial with the Nokia tool for schematic entry. Too bad that it is still a multi k$ tool.
Ansoft The Serenade Design Environment (from Compact Software), a multi k$ PC-based tool for RF designers.
AWR Stephen A. Maa$'s Microwave office, a 20k US$ package. 30 days demo available. Look and feel of HP-ADS.